Most Asked Question

What is ThingsFromMars?

ThingsFromMars is a one-stop destination for funky and weird items that make for amazing gifts. If you truly want to buy a unique gift for a friend, family or an imaginary creature that lives in your closet, ThingsFromMars is the place to be.

What kind of products ThingsFromMars have?

We have everything from instant nail cutters to earrings shaped like pizza slices. You will find a miniature bed for your sponge and a device that silences your snores. We have thousands of items and not a single one is boring and stale. Trust us. There is some straight-up whacky stuff on this website.

Does ThingsFromMars store my information?

Our company has a clear Privacy Policy. We don’t take any information that you don’t give us. We promise not to store your data, because frankly, we have enough trouble keeping track of our own socks. ThingsFromMars makes sure that our users have the best experience without having to worry about their privacy.

Can I sign up at ThingsFromMars?

You can either log in through your Google account or Sign Up by creating your account on ThingsFromMars. Do remember that you can use this website without signing in. However, having the account here would allow you to save products you plan on buying later. It will also help us recommend products based on your interests. Plus you signing up means we are friends.

Does ThingsFromMars sell the products on the website?

ThingsFromMars is a catalogue of bizarre and exciting products that make for fantastic gifts. We collect items from different stores across the web and bring them to you on a single platform. We don’t sell any products of our own, we guide you towards the sellers. Consider us a matchmaker, we connect you with the products you've been dreaming of and let you two hit it off.

Who should I contact if I have problems with the product?

You should directly contact the store in case you find any problem with the products. ThingsFromMars make sure to bring you items from reputable and authentic sellers. However, if you have an issue with the item, you should immediately contact the store.

Where can I contact ThingsFrom?

If you have any inquiries, you can contact us at [email protected]. You can also fill out a form on our Contact Us page for any relevant questions.

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